February 4, 2011

Screen Prints by Methane Studios

It's been a long time since I've posted! School and work and other things have just been insane, but I finally have a second to bring you all a new post!

Methane Studios is a small screen printing, design, and illustration studio based in Atlanta, GA. The team consists of Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee.  The duo met at the Columbus College of Art in Ohio and bonded over their interests. Post-grad, they eventually made their way down south and settled in Atlanta. They started by designing posters for The Echo Lounge in Atlanta, and since then have earned a lot of recognition and received impressive accolades, as well as a large client base including Turner Broadcasting, Honda, and Dave Matthews Band.

McDevitt and Lee both came last fall and spoke at school and it was rather enlightening, telling us more about their history, design processes, etc. Their screen prints are just so well executed and incredibly beautiful. Take a gander for yourself below.

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