April 20, 2011

Disassembled by Todd Mclellan

So much for posting a few times a week! I'm back with a new post on some lovely disassemblages by Canadian photographer, Todd Mclellan.

Mclellan meticulously disassembles electronics and other things such as a rotary phone, typewriter, Pentax SLR, and so on. With all the parts of each object, he organizes them beautifully to photograph. Some of the photos also feature the object basically exploding. They're pretty great and I commend his dexterity.

April 14, 2011

Mix No. 3

I've noticed that I've been posting mixes bi-monthly... So it's time for the third installment!
Click-through either image to download!

March 31, 2011

J. Crew Fall 2011

J. Crew's Fall 2011 lookbook has been unveiled for the chic masses! It's another hit with dramatic lengths and great combinations of bold and neutral hues (love bolds + neutrals). Pieces to die for include the cranberry wide leg trousers, teal trench, and that great red-orange zip-top tote. The menswear line is wonderful as always as well, including some as per-usual perfect plaid collared shirts and jackets-a-plenty to make any man look nice and tailor-made. Drool on my friends.

March 27, 2011

Not Your Grandmother's Loafers

Hello! Sorry for my hiatus! The dreadful quarter for Winter 2011 has finished and I have completely recovered through spring break! I make the great two-hour trek (jokes) back to Atlanta tomorrow to gear up for Spring 2011! I'm taking two more tough classes (Production Design and Web Design) so we'll see how it goes. This quarter, I'll try more to be on top of my blogging game!

I came across these insane but kind of whimsical needlepoint loafers on the internet, obviously. For two decades, By Paige has been cranking out some ridiculous footwear to call attention to your lower digits. We all have an inner grandpa/grandma, so unleash him/her!

These loafers will set you back about $150, but you can save them till that time you're at Chick-fil-a at 7 in the morning with your pals (the elderly congregate at Chick-fil-a that early where I'm from) and playing insane amounts of golf or shuffleboard! I always like a good investment.

March 5, 2011

McQueen at The MET

Sorry I've been so vacant from the blogosphere. This quarter's been crazy and I've been working on a movie book project protraying The Fantastic Mr. Fox typographically. It's been challenging nonetheless, and I've been struggling, considering it's not at all where I want it. I just need to carry on and make it work! (Tim Gunn is apparently resonating in my thoughts)

Today, I read through my reader subscriptions and came across something quite lovely. From May 4th through July 31st of this year, the MET will be hosting a retrospective of sorts of the late Alexander McQueen. 100 pieces of his work from 1992-2010 will be displayed.

I'm going to New York sometime this year, and hopefully it'll be in that time frame! Nothing would make that trip more memorable than seeing McQueen's pieces in person. Just thinking about seeing the armadillo shoes up close makes my heart skip a beat!

This way for more information.

I'll be back in full swing once this next week is over. Till then readers!


February 19, 2011

Spring Stock Up

Spring-time arrivals bring some warmth to my soul and makes my heart skip a beat. Though the weather in Atlanta was gorgeous this week, I feel that some of these additions to my wardrobe would make the coming spring even more lovely. Here is my spring stock up wish list.

This top... Oh this top. A piece from the Deyrolle Pour Opening Ceremony collection. Alexa Chung donned the maxi dress in this print and I instantly fell in love with it. This isn't a feasible future purchase, but hey, this is just a wish list anyways.

$59.99 (in-store) / $110 online
This skirt is dreamy, girly, floral perfection. How about that styling? It's goes so well with chambray. J. Crew's spring collection is a hit and this is just one of the quintessential pieces from the collection. Saw and tried on this on my last visit to J. Crew... "Want, want want!" was all that went through my poor college student mind.

This spotted frock is from the Lark & Wolf by Steven Alan collection from Urban Outfitters. It's got that tiny bit of retro but classic element as well. The baby pleats also add some nice texture.


 This is kind of a modified fisherman sweater, which was a popular trend this past A/W season. The River Island Aran Button Back Sweater from Asos is kind of an easy piece, pairable with almost everything from shorts to skinnys, over a dress or tucked in a skirt.

$328 (on sale)

Okay, this Won Hundred jacket isn't a spring arrival, but it's quite wearable year round. Found this on Dear Fieldbinder the other day, so it's not exactly another feasible buy. But really, that dark khaki color is gorgeous.

Dolce Vita's are always on girls' wishlists. These Marcela Suede Oxfords are interesting with the detailed patterns and tassels. They also come in magenta and khaki. Satiate your inner ivy.


The Vamoose on Etsy has been creating some of the most beautiful jewelry I've seen in a long time, and at prices that aren't too steep. These Citrine Drop necklaces supposedly bring success and prosperity to business and would look lovely on any girl.

$157.50 (on sale)

I'm in need desperate need of a new wallet. This Kate Spade Head in the Sand Cyndy Envelope Wallet would do much justice! Especially with the ostrich-embossed texture and the pyramidal turn-lock encloser - so chic!


 Marc by Marc Jacobs... Need I say more? This is the Bianca Clutch, and I saw it and held it for approximately 15 minutes at Bloomingdales. This of course isn't in my budget, but I still felt the internet needed to know that this beauty existed. If anyone feels so inclined to get this for me, well, I won't stop you (I joke, I joke - kind of). 
P.S.: I ended up snagging this clutch from Madewell instead.

 Are there any lovely things on your spring wish list? Till next time readers!

February 12, 2011

Seattle's Best Rebranding

I had all intentions of going to bed half an hour ago after a busy day, until I decided to read this week's issue of Creative Loafing Atlanta. Flipping through I noticed something completely different about a semi-household name and got so excited about it that I'm pushing back sleep to blog about it (such is life).

Seattle's Best has rebranded themselves. It's current, it's fun, and it was very much so needed.

What a drastic difference, am I right?

Along with their branding, it only makes sense that new packaging has also been introduced.

Overall, I think it's a definite improvement. The main crit I have is that the logo is reminiscent of healthcare and blood donation, and many comments on sites and blogs agree with that notion. Obviously, red is a huge part of their brand and had to incorporate it, but the red semi-circle could easily be changed to brown to obviously represent coffee (maybe that was too cliche for them? Who knows?!). Yet again, it is supposed to represent a smile, and the drop kind of seems like an implied tongue as well. There are just so many ways to look at it! 

I really appreciate the coffee bag the most: nice repetition of the circles, varying type weight to show hierarchy, clean in general. 

Here's a chart of their design reasonings:

What are your thoughts on Seattle's Best rebranding? Yay or nay? Any other crits to offer?

Edit: I didn't realize how far behind I was with this, but in my defense, there are about zero Seattle's Best coffee shops in the Atlanta-area.