March 27, 2011

Not Your Grandmother's Loafers

Hello! Sorry for my hiatus! The dreadful quarter for Winter 2011 has finished and I have completely recovered through spring break! I make the great two-hour trek (jokes) back to Atlanta tomorrow to gear up for Spring 2011! I'm taking two more tough classes (Production Design and Web Design) so we'll see how it goes. This quarter, I'll try more to be on top of my blogging game!

I came across these insane but kind of whimsical needlepoint loafers on the internet, obviously. For two decades, By Paige has been cranking out some ridiculous footwear to call attention to your lower digits. We all have an inner grandpa/grandma, so unleash him/her!

These loafers will set you back about $150, but you can save them till that time you're at Chick-fil-a at 7 in the morning with your pals (the elderly congregate at Chick-fil-a that early where I'm from) and playing insane amounts of golf or shuffleboard! I always like a good investment.

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