March 5, 2011

McQueen at The MET

Sorry I've been so vacant from the blogosphere. This quarter's been crazy and I've been working on a movie book project protraying The Fantastic Mr. Fox typographically. It's been challenging nonetheless, and I've been struggling, considering it's not at all where I want it. I just need to carry on and make it work! (Tim Gunn is apparently resonating in my thoughts)

Today, I read through my reader subscriptions and came across something quite lovely. From May 4th through July 31st of this year, the MET will be hosting a retrospective of sorts of the late Alexander McQueen. 100 pieces of his work from 1992-2010 will be displayed.

I'm going to New York sometime this year, and hopefully it'll be in that time frame! Nothing would make that trip more memorable than seeing McQueen's pieces in person. Just thinking about seeing the armadillo shoes up close makes my heart skip a beat!

This way for more information.

I'll be back in full swing once this next week is over. Till then readers!


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