January 21, 2011

Hand-painted Eco-friendly Ceramic Travel Mugs by Yevgenia

So while at school, I basically live off of coffee. At home, I barely feel inclined to drink any unless I'm downtown with my friends at Coffee Underground. I came across these super adorable ceramic travel mugs this past week and died. Not sure if I've mentioned this yet but... I love florals and floral prints. Having one of these insanely dainty and adorable cups might make-up for the days when I'm sleep deprived, pale from the sunlight I haven't been able to enjoy, and life has been sucked out of me from tedious projects.

If florals aren't your cup of tea (heh, I had to), these travel mugs are also customizable to the other prints available in the shop. Seller, Brooklyn-based yevgenia, also offers some other ceramic and glass kitchenware options for sale.