December 8, 2010

Starting Fresh + Jason Wu Pre-fall 2011

Hello darlings!
If you're reading this, I'm glad that you're joining me! This is a new journey for myself. For the past two years, I've admired blogs of all sorts. The good ones, the ones with a loyal following, the ones that inspire and have something to show or say. It's definitely something that requires a lot of commitment, and with a few attempts in the past, it hasn't been something that I've been capable of doing. However, I've decided to carpe diem. With some mild planning and brainstorming throughout the past few months, Thread + Type has been born. 

The bulk of my posts will explore two subjects that I'm passionate about: fashion and graphic design. Other posts will include, but aren't limited to, fine arts, film, music, and naturally, the occasional food porn. 

I've been struggling the past few days weeks on how to properly start out my blog. I contemplated, "an outfit? a basic textual introduction? typography? etc." It wasn't until earlier this evening that I was going through my dashboard on Tumblr (How about that blackout? Insane!) and came across a photo from Jason Wu's pre-fall 2011 collection. "Finally!" I thought, this would be the first thing I would feature on Thread + Type. 

Jason Wu is definitely one of my favorite designers and is considered one of the freshest American sportswear designers. Many of his past collections have just been absolutely gorgeous, and I've lusted after many of his offerings. The man knows how to design for the modern woman.

Wu's pre-fall 2011 collection offers playful pieces. The styles include 60s inspired, menswear inspired, color-blocking, embellished necklines and sleeves, and plenty of lace and ruffles to add a feminine touch. The color palette features salmon, violet, dark khakis, navy, slate, lilac, red, and a good amount of neutrals. Sources state that this is only his second pre-fall collection, with nearly twice as many pieces. 

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